New Adventures: Korea Bound

Hello folks!

It seems amazing to me that I started this blog over a year ago.  It's been a bit dead here for a while, but big changes have been coming my way.

I have been called to serve as a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Busan, Korea.  If there is anything that I know, it is that the gospel of Jesus Christ has been restored to the earth, and I am very excited to go out and share this good news.

I won't be on this blog for a while, but if you'd like to know what I'm up to or learn a bit about what it's like to be a sister missionary serving in Korea, you can check out .  I'll still be a writer wherever I go, and hopefully you'll enjoy the updates.

Love and thanks to all who have supported me in my first blogging adventure!  I'd love it if you stuck with me for the next chapter of my life.


Confessions of a Snoozing Addict

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Dad always says that there are two kinds of people in the world--snoozers and losers.

We were bonded on the snoozer side.  That big plastic button that has the capacity to increase your sleep time by five, ten, twenty minutes... it was invented for us.  No true snoozer can push it just once.  My average was five or six.

Mom, however, is a loser.  A loser because she is one of those annoying people who just jumps right from sleep to day, as if there isn't a world of heavy-lidded bliss between.  Every day she lost out on that sacred piece of life that only us snoozers can fully comprehend.

Write Like You've Smashed Your Finger

My fingernail is peeling off from the bottom side up.

People catch a glimpse of it, snatch my hand up, and hold my finger to their nose.

"Dude!" they say in a voice of disgusted wonder.  "What happened?"

It really is fascinating to look at... the top half of a nail, rusty blue scabbing caked to its underside. It's a gaping cave shadowing the growth of the hard pink skin underneath.  I'm 98% sure that said hard pink skin is baby nail fighting its way into the world.  Fighting because the old nail is being very stubborn in shedding itself.

The College Conundrum

People are yelling at the system.  Tuition is more expensive, fewer grads are getting jobs, and those who do get jobs spend years trying to climb their way out of the debt school cost them.  I hear people  asking all the time is college really worth it? 

Most students head off to college with the belief that a degree will get them a better job and a higher paycheck.  There are plenty of statistics to support it.  It's the number one thing drilled into high school kids... go to college.  

And so off the masses rush, flocking to higher education with their beaks open squawking, "Feed me! Feed me!" A degree that can get me a job and a check?  Sign me up.

I Finally Read LORD OF THE RINGS. You Should, Too (Book Review)

"Wait, you've never read The Lord of the Rings?  You've never seen them either?"

Wide eyes, sad shaking heads, the "your missing out girl" punches on the shoulder...but no more!  I have finally read The Hobbit and The Fellowship of the Ring and I'm madly reading my way through The Two Towers.

What took me so long to pick up on The Lord of the Rings?  Good question.  All I can say is, if you haven't read them, you should.  Right don't know what you're missing out on.

And what prodded me to finally read them? A cute boy... cough, cough... on top of numerous beggings and pleadings from little brothers and best friends.

Say, Who's That Man Over There? (7 BILLION People Series)

This is the fourth in a seven-part series about what we can learn from the 7 BILLION people on planet earth.

You're learning to study people.  To understand them.  You know why making stuff up is important.

Now it's time for you to mash these skills together into one killer creative challenge.  Are you ready?